3 Ways Your Company Can Secure its Hosted VoIP System

            If your company has any similarities to other ones out there, it most likely heavily relies on communication technology and its functionality. You may have a VoIP system with a ton of features, but are you really getting the full benefit of those features? Here are three ways your business can get the most out of its VoIP system.

Keep Track of Your Usage

            Your VoIP being hacked is always a possibility. It’s a safe bet that the majority of attacks you’ll be faced with in regards to your VoIP system are ATO attacks. These function by pretty much flooding traffic into the phone system. This will directly affect how much money you’ll be spending on your system, since the hacker can use the phone system however they want and make you pay the bill. To counter this, you should keep track of your company’s VoIP usage to ensure that nothing weird is happening on the back end. In addition to that, you should speak with your VoIP provider to discuss what solutions they offer to keep your system safe from those threats.

Implement Powerful Authentication Procedures

            Security is a top priority for any business, especially when you consider access control. You have to make sure that only your own employees are the ones getting access to your VoIP system. One sure fire way to do this is to implement a two-factor authentication system, or even further, an identity management system. By doing this, you make it more difficult to log in to your VoIP system, so you can reliably keep out those who aren’t intended to have access to it. In whatever way you decide to secure your VoIP, you have to make sure to do the same for all other forms of access. This includes mobile/desktop apps, physical phones, or virtual solutions. This will ensure that your phone system can be accessed where your employees may be.

Take Advantage of Private VLANs

            Using a private VLAN (virtual local area network), your company’s IT force can control your hosted VoIP systems. This essentially results in only one point of access and uplink for any device that is communicating with your network or servers. Once you’re able to separate each device, you can then group them together even if they’re not on the same network switch. Configuring a VLAN will result in even more security, which is something that you can never have too much of.

A hosted VoIP is great for businesses that have expectations of growing, but it’s really only worth it if you plan to take advantage of all the benefits they offer. Let’s face it, you’re paying for the service already, you of course want to get all you can out of it. If you’re looking to improve the way your company communicates, let Vodigy take care of that for you. www.Vodigy.com


Vivek said…
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Kristi Allen said…
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Kristi Allen said…
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Mainul Haque said…
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Emma Jasmine said…
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Allena Potter said…
One more way to secure Hosted VoIP System is updating the latest patches regularly with Patch management as a Service. No device or software is guaranteed to be bug free at launch or even afterwards. One common way for hackers to get into your voice network is through vulnerabilities or loopholes in outdated equipment or applications. Make sure all the devices on your network are updated with the latest patches regularly. It applies to everything, not just VoIP specific hardware. For example, malware or viruses on your computers can be used to compromise the VoIP phones or steal account credentials. Keyloggers installed via insecure USB drives can steal passwords when employees use softphones. Any device – whether server equipment or personal mobile phones – can be the source of an attack on your network.
Anonymous said…
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Zayden Wood said…
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