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3 Ways Your Company Can Secure its Hosted VoIP System

            If your company has any similarities to other ones out there, it most likely heavily relies on communication technology and its functionality. You may have a VoIP system with a ton of features, but are you really getting the full benefit of those features? Here are three ways your business can get the most out of its VoIP system. Keep Track of Your Usage             Your VoIP being hacked is always a possibility. It’s a safe bet that the majority of attacks you’ll be faced with in regards to your VoIP system are ATO attacks. These function by pretty much flooding traffic into the phone system. This will directly affect how much money you’ll be spending on your system, since the hacker can use the phone system however they want and make you pay the bill. To counter this, you should keep track of your company’s VoIP usage to ensure that nothing weird is happening on the back end. In addition to that, you should speak with your VoIP provider to discuss wha