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Wannacrypt Ransomware and How to Protect Yourself Against It

What is “RansomWare” exactly? Well it’s first and foremost a virus, but it’s different in that when it infects a computer it prevents users from accessing the operating system, or it encrypts all the data stored on the computer. You can then only access those files by paying some form of currency to get it unlocked. It essentially holds your data, at ransom, hence the name "RansomWare".              This is essentially what the “WannaCrypt” ransomware did. It infected thousands of computers. It disabled hospitals, business, and schools. Surgeries had to be put on hold because the virus had a hold on their equipment, for example. It’s a very serious attack and everyone should know how to keep themselves protected against this specific threat.              The simple solution to counter “WannaCrypt” is to just keep your computers up to date on patches that Microsoft releases. This ransomware attack was actually patched two months ago, protecting a lot of users from t