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The Small-Business Owner's Guide to Cloud Phones and Their Benefits

Even in today’s online, fast-paced, text, social media, and email world, everyone still relies on telephones. However, many businesses neglect to keep their telecommunication systems up to date. What’s more, repairing or upgrading an outdated telephones is costly. Across the country, many Americans are cutting the cord when it comes to landlines. As society at large moves away from analog phones, there’s no reason your small business can’t do the same. Cloud Phones For Small Business A cloud phone system is an internet-based phone system that is physically located in a service provider’s datacenter and delivered as a service over the internet (the same as any cloud solution). Internet-based phones replace traditional systems with a sleeker, more modern approach to voice communication that can easily integrate with email, SMS, fax, and more. There’s a lot to like about cloud phones, and a lot of ways your small business can benefit from them. Here are just a few: