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New Ransomware Attack And How To Protect Yourself Against It

Related to a previous article published on our blog: Ransomware Part 1 Back in March of 2017, WannaCry was identified as a ransomware attack that took advantage of gaps in programming to infect machines with a virus that would lock your files until you paid for them. The fix for that problem was through a simple patch that was released much earlier prior to the attack. All the infected machines were a victim of not being up to date on patches. The same can be said for this new threat. On June 27, 2017 there were reports of a new ransomware dubbed “Petya” spreading across Europe. The first infections had started showing up in Ukraine with about 12,500 machines being infected. This new threat is different than WannaCry because it has worm capabilities, which allows it to move laterally across infected networks. However, it still uses the same SMBv1 vulnerabilities that WannaCry first exploited. How To Prevent It This new ransomware takes advantage of the sam

4 Reasons Why Cloud Computing is a Good Business Choice

            The cloud is a fantastic solution for businesses to make your services available to them anywhere, anytime. There are numerous reasons to persuade businesses to finally embrace Cloud Computing for their own benefit. Here we give some of those reasons: The Cloud Offers Enhanced Security Measures             Every company needs to have security in mind as a top priority, and the cloud can give you an improved sense of security for your data. One of the main pillars of cloud providers is their security that they can offer. You can be sure that your data will be protected if you invest in the cloud.             You can also remotely wipe files from certain devices if you believe they may be susceptible to being compromised. This stuff can mainly happen during business trips. This is just a bonus to help minimize risks. Improved Data Access             One of the most beneficial ways of utilizing the cloud is on the go, whether it’s from a restaurant o