4 Ways To Do More With the Cloud

The cloud has opened a world of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. In fact, cloud technology can improve business processes, increase productivity and efficiency, and even save money in the long run.

There are several ways that a cloud-based approach can help your business, especially in an increasingly technology-driven and competitive business environment. Here are four ways your business can do more with cloud.

Desktop Solutions

Cloud desktop solutions are gaining in popularity -- and for good reason. Microsoft’s Office 365 is a suite of programs that both you and your clients are probably using already. From Word and Publisher to Excel and PowerPoint, Office 365 can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, and at any time.

Similarly, Adobe’s Creative Cloud is ideally suited for businesses with intense graphic design and document service needs. Teams of all sizes can access programs remotely and collaborate on much needed projects with ease.

With a managed workstation plan, businesses can further ensure their systems are running at peak performance. Combined with active monitoring, real-time analytics, and unlimited help desk support, workstation management is one of several managed services that take the cubicle into the cloud for the next level of business efficiency.

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Cloud Server Solutions

Cloud servers make sense for businesses of all sizes, but especially small and medium firms. Cloud servers are similar to traditional shared servers, but exist in a virtual environment. Different from a dedicated server, cloud servers can be customized based on specific business needs without incurring the higher costs associated with setting up a dedicated solution.

Cloud servers are easy to set up and have almost infinite capacity. As your business grows, your IT infrastructure can be scaled to match your expanding needs. Businesses only pay for the resources they require, so costs are more easily controlled, budgeted, and anticipated. In the world of Goldilocks, cloud servers are the “just right” solution no matter what your business’ needs mandate.

Additionally, with managed server plans your IT infrastructure is consistently monitored, optimized and upgraded by qualified professionals. Routine backups, patch administration, and security protocols are also put in place to ensure compliance as well as the safety of your company and client data.

For businesses that do not specialize in IT, a managed network service puts the power of a robust IT department at their disposal. This allows businesses to focus on their bottom line and leave the safety and security of their IT infrastructure to the pros.

Check out some of the other things cloud servers can do for you here.

Supply Chain Solutions

From warehouse management to fully loaded ecommerce solutions, the cloud is ready to accommodate retail and wholesale businesses no matter what you sell, or how you sell it. From the comfort and familiarity of a mobile app, supply chain management has never been easier.

Shipping and receiving, picking, and a robust, cloud-based inventory management system can literally be in the palm of your hand and never far away. With this approach, businesses can improve efficiency and manage their processes like never before.

Old-fashioned supply chain solutions lag modern, cloud-based methods. To remain current in an increasingly competitive market, the cloud is quickly becoming ubiquitous when it comes to storing, shipping, and managing inventory. See for yourself.

Network Solutions

From VoIP to email, cloud-based network solutions help businesses achieve more. And with a managed network plan, businesses know their systems are being monitored in real time to thwart incoming threats.

Managed networking solutions can also streamline email and block spam, malware, and other undesirable traffic on your network. And with full-time server management, you’ll never have to worry about your IT infrastructure again. Whether you need to achieve regulatory compliance or down-to-earth cybersecurity, the cloud is the way to go.

Are You Looking To the Cloud?

If your business is thinking of implementing cloud solutions, or is interested in expanding their journey to the cloud, contact Vodigy Technologies today. We deliver quality, managed IT solutions to suit the growing needs of your business.  


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