2 Ways To Reduce Your Company's Environmental Footprint

Technology has drastically changed the way we live our lives every day. One of the downsides is that there has come about a new population that disregards old technology and throws it out to get the newest thing on the market. The field of technology has been advancing quite rapidly recently, so it’s hard to break this newly formed habit, and it’s hurting the environment.
The solution is to simply keep the environment clean. It’s important to think about the future and the planet as a whole, and strive to make it clean for the generations to come. As just one person it’s hard to make a difference, but if every business were to be friendlier to the environment, it could make a substantial difference.
To achieve that, here are some ways you can make your company minimize its environmental footprint:

Properly Recycle Unused Devices
With the way technology is advancing so rapidly, and the mass production to go along with it, it makes sense that older devices are replaced by the newer ones. Most people who aren’t aware of how to dispose of electronics will just throw it in the trash without thinking about it. You should avoid doing that because computers and similar devices have materials in them that can negatively impact the environment if not recycled correctly. By not recycling them, this technology is often times shipped to developing countries that take them apart for the materials inside, but it’s not safe or sanitary for them to do so. That is a key component as to why it should always be noted to recycle older, unwanted technology.
To continue on the idea of recycling: make sure you wipe all the data off the device before submitting it to the recycling process. Memory cards, hard drives, SD cards from mobile devices, anything that once contained sensitive information, you want to keep that out of the wrong hands. This isn’t data that you can just click on and press “delete”, because that data could possibly be recovered. Vodigy can assist you with this process by completely wiping old technology of any old and important data, which we can then advise on how to dispose of it responsibly.

Reduce Printing Costs
One way to minimize your carbon footprint is monitoring and limiting the amount of paper you waste from printing documents. Of course every business out there prints several pages at a time daily, but technological advancements have been made recently to help limit the amount of printing that companies do. This will ultimately decrease expenditures on printing overall.
Setting a limit on your costs of printing will add more room on your budget for other things, since you won’t have to invest in paper, ink, and toner as much. Utilizing digital file storage combined with signature software, you won’t have to print out a document for storing in a physical space in your office. This will result in overall less clutter, and even a more organized office while wasting fewer resources.


Jennifer Louis said…
Decreasing your organization's natural impression can be accomplished through different procedures, and one compelling methodology is taking on eco-accommodating printing rehearses. You can significantly reduce your company's impact on the environment by using environmentally friendly printing techniques like duplex printing, vegetable-based inks, and recycled paper. Promoting digital document sharing, implementing paperless workflows, and optimizing print settings all have the potential to further assist in reducing the amount of paper that is wasted. Your business can promote a greener future, conserve resources, and take a significant step toward sustainability by placing an emphasis on environmentally friendly printing.

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